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Aug 12 2017
Mar 2 2016
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Nov 23 2014
Jul 29 2014
Jun 30 2014

Google Measurement Protocol .Net Library

.Net library for sending Google Analytics Measurement Protocol requests.

GoogleGoogle AnalyticsMeasurement Protocol
Jun 3 2014
May 13 2014
Jun 1 2013

“Cheat” your code as often as you can

Some arguments regarding benefits of investigating code from open source projects.

Feb 8 2013

NSAPConnector library

Wrapper library for the SAP .Net Connector 3.0. Adapts existing api to a more friendly form for the .Net developers.

Jan 28 2013

PostRequestFactory library

PostRequestFactory is a small and sometimes useful library that can be used for creating manually a web request body.
Jan 15 2013

Rediscovering Linux

I've finally rediscovered Linux after 8 years of breakup

Nov 17 2012

LINQ dynamic queries

How to use Expression Trees to build dynamic Linq queries
Nov 5 2012

Impressions of a .Net developer after the first Ruby/ROR experience

Here you'll find my reasoning regarding: Is it worth to change your base platform from .Net to Ruby ?

Mar 6 2012

MongoDB VS RavenDB

Trying to figure out what NoSQL database to choose for my next project.

Feb 25 2012

Apply session state behavior per action in Asp.Net MVC

How to implement a custom SessionStateAttribute which can be applied directly on the controller actions.
Nov 8 2011

Handle session expiration during ajax requests in an ASP.NET MVC application

Quick solution for handling session expiration during ajax requests in a ASP.NET MVC.