NSAPConnector library

I published yesterday another helper library NSAPConnector which you can use for making remote function calls (rfc) to a SAP system. Basically this library wraps existing SAP .Net Connector 3.0 and exposes the most frequent used functionalities under a different form, let say in a more .Netish style. For example below you can find an usage example of SAP .Net Connector 3.0

        var destination = 

        var repository = destination.Repository;

        var functionReference = repository.CreateFunction("functionName");



        var resultTable = functionReference.GetTable("ResultTableName");

        for (var i = 0; i < resultTable.RowCount; i++)
            resultTable.CurrentIndex = i;


as you can see it is not a very intuitive api for a .Net developer comparing to the ADO.Net api style which NSAPConnector exposes, below is an usage example of my library:

        using (var connection = new SapConnection("DestinationName"))

             var command = 
                new SapCommand("functionName", connection);


            DataSet resultDataSet = command.ExecuteDataSet();

As usual you can find more details and examples on Github and Codeplex, it is also available as NuGet packages NSAPConnector x86 and NSAPConnector x64.

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Posted by: Ion Sapoval
Last revised: 07 Feb, 2013 05:51 PM


17 Jun, 2014 02:36 PM

Hello Sapoval,

I am newer using Rfc, but the class RfcConfigParameters() (internally) already load the parameters declared in the SectionGroups in the .Config file and make the register: --> To Client: RfcDestinationManager.RegisterDefaultConfiguration; or RfcDestinationManager.RegisterDestinationConfiguration; --> To Server: RfcServerManager.RegisterServerConfiguration

It is true that in almost examples code that I look for, it always are using new RfcConfigParameters(), params.add(...).

So, I didnĀ“t understant why should be to use the NSAP DestinationConfiguration() when O call SapConnection() and why the the RegisterDestinationConfiguration is call again.

If I had used the .Config file and call Open(), so, the effect would not be the same?

By the way, I like very much your approach. You will give us a Server NSAPConnector?


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